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GIS Based Solutions Maps
Preserving the past mapping the future

Geographical Information and Systems (GIS)

Mapalytics enables clients to capture, sort, and interpret spatial and geographic data that’s critical to their businesses, then present it on custom or commonly used interactive maps. A well-built Geographic Information System (GIS) allows companies to uncover actionable insights from location data, map layers, and 3D modeling. Mapalytics engineers provide consulting and GIS software development services covering precision mapping and spatial data management to recognize geographical patterns visible only through GIS mapping solutions.


  • Khasra/Patwari Maps digitization
  • Real Estate Housing Societies Property and Utility Ownership GIS
  • GIS Consulting
  • Web and Mobile GIS App Development
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS for local governments
  • GIS for utilities

Virtual Reality / Immerse Your Audience in a Virtual World

Mapalytics is a full-service Virtual Reality studio. From 8K 360 Video to Architectural Visualizations to Simulation training we offer customized solutions for unique needs of our users.
User experience is undergoing a tectonic shift in terms of how customers perceive and interact with the digital world. The shift powered by Virtual Reality (VR) is driving multisensory and multimodal user experiences.
Contact us to help us unleash new possibilities to transform interactions throughout your customer experience


  • VR Time Travel Portal
  • VR tours of Real Estate
  • VR Architectural Visualization
  • 360 Video Production
  • Training and Simulations

Architectural Rendering


We offer complete suite of architectural renderings. Contact us to bring your vision to life.


  • 3D Visualizations – Photorealistic Images of your ideas
  • Exterior / Interior Renderings - Photorealistic Images of your ideas
  • Virtual Reality Walkthroughs – Walkaround your property with VR glasses
  • 360 View Virtual Tours – View your property in 360 from specific locations
  • Video and Animation – Present the features of your project

3D Scanning

3D scanning is helping multiple industries increase efficiency. Read more below about our industry wise solutions.

  • Construction – Conduct fast accurate land surveys and track construction progress vs planned progress of your project down to cm scale accuracy. Our technology allows us to map up to thousands of acers daily.
  • Mining – Accurate volumetric computations of stock piles, mounds etc. with daily , weekly or monthly surveys
  • Historical Sites - Preserve the historical sites by making their digital tiwns. The world is fast loosing heritage sites due to disaster , lack of care , urbanization among other. Contact us today to help preserve historical sites you care about.
  • Industrial Inspection – Don’t have maps of old industrial structures? Contact us today to conduct their scanning and provide their layout plans
  • Game Assets – Looking to make highly photo-realistic environment ? Contact us to help you create highest quality game ready assets

Success Stories

Tour of Islamabad

Explore Islamabad in our 8 HDR panorama VR Video. Explore how Islamabad looks from sunrise to set. The video showcase stunning views of Pakistan Monument, one of the major tourist attractions of Islamabad. The video can be viewed with a VR headset or mobile/laptop/desktop.


3D Scanning of
Structures & Artifacts

View the 3D preserved models of historic buildings like Chaburji in Lahore. Chauburji was built in 1646 C.E and could be potentially damaged due to a new rail project. Also view preserved models from Gandahara Civilization dating back to 2nd Century A.D


Walkaround Tour of
Pakistan Monument

Enjoy a guided tour of Pakistan Monument. Such tours are especially important for creating immersive learning experiences for children. Mapalytics is working to create dedicated learning experiences for children. Contact us to learn more about the project.


Explore Manama Souq

Experience Manama Souq with our Virtual Reality Video. Manama Souq is one of the biggest tourist attractions showcasing a mix of contemporary and traditional Bahraini culture. The video showcases the beautiful skyline of Manama and the Financial hub area along with the Souq.

Digital Double for
Scan to BIM of Manama Souq

Explore the highly detailed 3D digital double of the historic Souq of Manama. The area has very narrow pathways with old buildings on both sides. The project required extreme care for preparation of scaled accurate 3D replica. The architects are working on this data to uplift the façade of the historical area.


Virtual Tour of Makli

Experience the beauty of UNESCO World Heritage Site Makli. Makli, is one of the most intriguing places to visit in the world. The Virtual Tour takes you through a journey from aerial and terrestrial views showcasing the jewel of Makli , the Tomb of Jam Nizamuddin and Isa Khan Tarkhan.


Rendering VR

Experience the Villas through our VR portal. The portal showcases Villas of three sizes and three styles. The styles are Contemporary, Georgian and Mediterranean. View the exteriors and interior of the Villas and move between sizes/stles by clicking the icons of style/size respectively.


Preservation of Makli
UNESCO World Heritage

Experience the highly detailed preservation of Makli Necropolis , UNESCO, World Heritage Site. The project was done in collaboration with UNESCO and Gov. of Sindh to preserve three structures of the Necropolis. Makli is one of the largest necropolis in the world.

3D Walkthrough Villa

Experience your villa from all angles. The project is designed to work for the un-tettered Oculus Quest. Allowing you to seamlessly explore the Villa you want to purchase. Contact us now to book a demo of the service.


Jazz Headquarter
Virtual Tour

Experience the working environment of one of Pakistan’s leading Telecom operator Jazz. View the Campus facilities specially designed to help the human resource to work in beautiful ambience. Interested to know more. View on the tour on the link below.


Packages Mall VR

Enjoy the view of Packages Mall. View the timelapse in Virtual Reality. Packages mall in one of the largest and beautiful Malls in Pakistan. If you are interested to promote your mall , restaurant or retail contact us now.


Institute of Culture
and Arts VR

Experience one of the most beautiful educational campus. Enjoy the virtual tour by looking at the beautiful outdoor lawns and interior. Contact us today if you are interested to promote your educational facility.


TopCity-1 Google
Street View

Explore the new housing project in Islamabad TopCIty-1 through Google Street View. Mapalytics is a Google Street Trusted Agency. So far thousands of people have viewed navigated and explored the city. Want to promote your housing project? Contact us today.


GIS WebApp

Manage your whole property record and infrastructure digitally through our WebGIS portal. The portal allows you to view, edit and filter between plot sizes, members payment schedules etc. View demo to understand in detail. Interested to know more? Contact us today.

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